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Since the PC pools at the TU Berlin are currently not open to the public, it is necessary to make an arrangement to pick up delivery notes. - It is not permitted to enter the rooms of CIP-Pool 29 without a face mask on!

After being informed by the staff of CIP-Pool 29 that the plans have been printed out, please contact us to arrange a handover date.

The persons collecting are to enter their date and contact details in a list that has been laid out.
At the agreed date, ring the bell at door EB427. After being asked, go to door EB420a (small entrance to the room for free work). There you will be admitted and can receive the plans.

If you are not sure whether there is a valid delivery note in CIP-Pool 29 for your unit, please ask. This avoids unnecessary effort. - Many thanks!

Delivery notes for specialist areas

For the units of the TU Berlin with their own cost center/ research project we offer a printing service by delivery note. The current version of the delivery note is available on request by mail or in our pool. It must be printed on both sides. The delivery notes are settled with the end of the financial year via the TU Cash Office, therefore it is necessary to indicate chapter, cost centre and budget title as well as to have the delivery note stamped on both sides by the FG.
If the expiry date of a project is BEFORE the end of the financial year, please indicate this in the form.


If you are entered on the delivery note as the person authorized to pick up and place orders, you can send us the delivery note orders as follows:

  • he persons authorised to pick up and place orders, who are entered on the delivery note, can send the orders to the printers on the PCs of the CIP-Pool 29 using their tubIT account.
  • If sufficient time is available, the print orders can be submitted to us with their own storage medium and the print products can be picked up.
  • You can also upload the data to our mailbox in the tubcloud.

The cutting and binding of printouts can be carried out on site independently by the people collecting the prints. This is NOT carried out by the employees* of CIP-Pool 29.

Due to deadlines for students, extended waiting times may occur. We ask you to take this into account in your planning.

Mailbox for plots

To avoid overflowing mailboxes on the Exchange Server, please use our mailbox in the tubcloud. The password is visible when you are logged on to the TU portal.

Please use meaningful file names so that we can assign incoming orders and process them.

FG/PSP_Plotter_Paper size_Paper type_Number

Send an additional notification e-mail.

Delivery note download

If you see this text, then you are not logged in to the TU portal. You can download the delivery note here after logging in to the portal.

Delivery note printing via print@campus

In addition to the method presented above, the service print@campus can also be used for printing delivery notes. At present, a large format printer (CIP29_6200) and an A4 black and white laser (SWLaser3) are available, further printers will follow in the future.
Printing costs are no longer billed via the CIP pool but via print@campus, specifying the cost centre.
Details of this variant can be found in the linked instructions.

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